[torqueusers] strange netload-output from 'pbsnodes -a'

Thomas Dargel td at chemie.hu-berlin.de
Fri Nov 25 04:06:53 MST 2005


 are there any experienced torque-Users outside, who can help me with
this funny netload number from 'pbsnodes -a' or 'momctl' output?

machine configuration:
     SLES9+SP2 x86-64 & SuSE 9.3pro x86-64, torque-1.2.0p6
  but also seen on
     RHEL AS 4 x86-64, torque-1.1.0p5

master:/ # for i in `seq -w 1 14` 80; do momctl -d 3 -q netload -h node${i}; done
      node01:      netload = 'netload=18446744072602535286'
      node02:      netload = 'netload=473650682'
      node03:      netload = 'netload=473564854'
      node04:      netload = 'netload=472326764'
      node05:      netload = 'netload=472224135'
      node06:      netload = 'netload=475122415'
      node07:      netload = 'netload=18446744073276493992'
      node08:      netload = 'netload=2017517305'
      node09:      netload = 'netload=632256621'
      node10:      netload = 'netload=2137516451'
      node11:      netload = 'netload=18446744072081689649'
      node12:      netload = 'netload=18446744072900631082'
      node13:      netload = 'netload=18446744073427277703'
      node14:      netload = 'netload=18446744073239545691'
      node80:      netload = 'netload=1063863212'
master:/ #                                                                                       

A restart of pbs_mom won't change the netload-output.
In the torqueusers-mailinglist archive I found this posting, please have
a look at this netload:


               it starts with the same 10 digits!

Please, can anybody give me an explanation for that?

Thanks in advance,


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