[torqueusers] All my jobs run on a single node.

Krzysztof Leszczynski chris at camk.edu.pl
Wed Nov 23 08:00:55 MST 2005

Hi I compiled and installed torque on my opteron node (called psk) and
setup pbs_mom on four nodes, called psk-1, psk-2, psk-3, psk-4. All
are harwarelly-equal but it looks that the first one psk-1 is more equal
than others. All jobs land there and even if I run 100 jobs they try
to be scheduled at once at this very node. I found that when I swap node
order in /var/spool/torque/server_priv/nodes the first node found there
is chosen for all the work, even if its state is busy and all other 3 nodes
are in state ``free''. 

I use the standard scheduler, not Maui, but it should work, shouldn't it?


Krzysio Leszczynski

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