[torqueusers] PBS Server timezone problem in logs?

Rick.Ingham at expeditors.com Rick.Ingham at expeditors.com
Mon Nov 21 10:15:55 MST 2005

I see this in the $PBS_HOME/server_logs files:

11/19/2005 03:22:26;0080;PBS_Server;Req;req_reject;Reject reply code=15019,
aux=0, type=49, from MGR at rex
11/19/2005 05:26:44;0002;PBS_Server;Svr;Log;Log opened
11/19/2005 05:26:44;0006;PBS_Server;Svr;PBS_Server;Server rex started,
initialization type = 1
11/19/2005 03:26:44;0002;PBS_Server;Svr;Act;Account file
/usr/spool/PBS/server_priv/accounting/20051119 opened

Note that the server startup time is two hours in the future from the
message right after it.

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