[torqueusers] question regarding compile queues

Doug Smith doug.smith at lasp.colorado.edu
Mon Nov 7 10:28:31 MST 2005

We are currently running Torque 1.2.0.p6 on RedHat Linux cluster. 

We have set up a compile queue for our Pathscale compilers since we only 
have a one user license on the head node.
Users can submit a make/compile job to this queue and not have to worry 
about license contention for the PathScale compilers.  However, we have 
run into one little snag, now that the head node is defined in the 
nodefile it is taking part in computational jobs not just compiling.

Is there a way to configure a queue in Torque so that jobs submitted to 
a particular queue run on a specific host and that host does not accept 
jobs from the general execution queues?


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