[torqueusers] submit filter

Glen Beane beaneg at umcs.maine.edu
Thu Mar 31 13:18:31 MST 2005

Is it possible to have the qsub submit filter cause a job submission to 
be rejected?  We developed an accounting system in-house, and currently 
we rely on a wrapper for qsub that forces the user to pass the -A flag. 
The wrapper looks up the account to check their balance to make sure 
they have enough 'credits' to run the job. It also checks to see if the 
project has permissions to run in a particular queue (we don't use 
torques queue acl's, since users may be members of various projects 
with different queue permissions).  Anyway I am interested in providing 
a submit filter for torque installations, because right now our wrapper 
breaks interactive jobs

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