[torqueusers] xpbsmon for torque 1.2.0p1+

Bernard Li bli at bcgsc.ca
Sat Mar 26 22:37:07 MST 2005

It seems that starting from Torque v1.2.0p1, the Makefile for xpbsmon was modified such that the resulting xpbsmon no longer works:
-bash: ./xpbsmon: ../pbs_wish: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
This is what the first line of xpbsmon looks like:

#!../pbs_wish -f

It should really read:
#!{PBSROOT}/bin/pbs_wish -f
The diff for the Makefile from src/tools/xpbsmon between 1.2.0p0 and 1.2.0p1 is as follows:

<       sed -e 's,#\!.*pbs_wish.*$$,#\!$(PBS_UBIN)/pbs_wish -f,' \
<           -e 's,set  *libdir.*$$,set libdir ${XPBSMON_LIB},' \
<           -e 's,set  *appdefdir.*$$,set appdefdir ${XPBSMON_LIB},' \
<           xpbsmon > $(bindir)/xpbsmon

Is this a known issue?
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