[torqueusers] Announcing TORQUE release 1.2.0p2

jonathan ryskamp jryskamp at clusterresources.com
Mon Mar 21 14:04:53 MST 2005

Dear TORQUE users,

Cluster Resources is pleased to announce that TORQUE 1.2.0p2 is now
officially released and may be downloaded from: 

This release of TORQUE includes:

-Enhanced network failure messages
-A fixed tracejob tool to only match correct jobs (Courtesy of
-A  modified reporting of Linux availmem and totmem to allow larger
file sizes
-Fixed pbs_demux for OSF/TRU64 systems to stop orphaned demux
-Added dynamic pbs_server loglevel specification
-Added intelligent mom job stat sync'ing for improved scalability
(Thanks to USC/CRI)
-Added mom state sync patch for dup join (Courtesy of USC)
-Added spool dir space check (Thanks to MAINE)

Cluster Resources wishes to recognize and thank all of the above listed
organizations for their contributions to this release, as well as all
those actively participating in our TORQUE user community. 

Cluster Resources, Inc.

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