[torqueusers] suspend/resume, python

Robin Humble rjh+torque at cita.utoronto.ca
Thu Mar 17 15:05:44 MST 2005

Does suspend/resume work with maui?
I asked on the maui list a while ago, but I guess nobody reads that list.

we're running maui-3.2.6p11 and torque-1.1.0p5snap025

Also, is there a python version of mclient?
I want to query the maui daemon directly rather than simply parsing the
output from programs like 'showq'.
the CK= DES(?) checksum is the only thing that's stopping me at the 
moment - I know the maui key number and the message string format, but
haven't de-obscufucated the maui C files enough yet to work out which
flavour of crypto it uses.
I thought I'd ask here whether someone's done this before, or can give
me some simple hints, rather than spend hours trying to work it out...


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