[torqueusers] scheduling priorities

Mikko Huhtala mhuhtala at abo.fi
Fri Mar 18 03:09:46 MST 2005

Chris Samuel writes:
 > On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 09:46 am, Michael T. Campbell wrote:
 > 	GROUPCFG[testers]	PRIORITY=100 
 >         GROUPWEIGHT[0]	1
 > May help ?   That adds a weight based on the UNIX group.

I may have a similar problem (running Maui 3.2.6p11) and I do not have
GROUPWEIGHT specified. What does [0] in GROUPWEIGHT[0] mean? According
to the online Maui admin guide, appendix F, the parameter should be of
the form GROUPWEIGHT <INTEGER>. The GROUPWEIGHT entry in the appendix
also has a link to


but the page does not have a '#credfactor' identifier.


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