[torqueusers] Newbie setup and questions

Rus Foster rghf at fsck.me.uk
Thu Mar 10 03:48:20 MST 2005

Hi All,
 I've just started taking my first steps with Torque for an internal 
project and I believe that I've fully followed the Quick Start Guide 

I've setup the following without problem
   pbs_server node hostname vpsdevel2
   compute node hostname vpsdevel

pbsnodes -a shows everything is ok

     state = free
     np = 1
     ntype = cluster
     status = arch=linux,uname=Linux vpsdevel 2.6.9-skas3-v7 #2 SMP Tue 
Feb 8 13:30:35 EST 2005 i686,sessions=? 0,nsessions=? 

For this I'm using the ssh/scp method and I've recompiled torue with 
--with-scp. I've run the torque setup on the pbs_server node with root as 
the admin user.

Now I've gone to submit the test job from the pbs_server node

echo 'sleep 10' | qsub -l nodes=1 

and I'm getting back

qsub: Bad UID for job execution

Checking /usr/spool/PBS/server_logs I've got

03/10/2005 05:48:00;0100;PBS_Server;Req;;Type AuthenticateUser request 
received from root at vpsdevel2, sock=10
03/10/2005 05:48:00;0100;PBS_Server;Req;;Type QueueJob request received 
from root at vpsdevel2, sock=9
03/10/2005 05:48:00;0080;PBS_Server;Req;req_reject;Reject reply 
code=15023(Bad UID for job execution), aux=0, type=1, from root at vpsdevel2

A quick google shows a few things neither of which have worked. Could 
someone give me a push in the right direction



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