[torqueusers] Pre-patch testing

Wightman wightman at clusterresources.com
Wed Mar 9 09:53:07 MST 2005

  The official release of TORQUE-1.2.0p2 is nearing.  This release
contains numerous patches in the areas of usability, stability, and
particularly in the area of scalability.  Patches and suggestions from
NCSA, Westgrid, Cluster Resources, U of Maine, USC and others have been
incorporated.  Thanks to all those who have contributed patches and
reported bugs.

  If you are in a position to test this release, please let us know what
you find.  If you are aware of any issues reported in the past which
have not been resolved to date, please let us know if they persist in
this release and we will get them fixed.

  There are also plans to implement a torqueusers forum.  If there are
any recommendations about format or policies please let us know and we
will try to incorporate them.

  As always, please report bugs to www.clusterresources.com/bugzilla and
post any questions to this mailing list.


- Douglas
Cluster Resources, INC.

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