[torqueusers] New user, old questions.

Roy roy_grid at soluris.com
Wed Mar 2 13:20:44 MST 2005

Hello all,
I just subscribe to this group.

I used in the past the condor package to manage our batch job over several 
now, that we have a blade the network implementation of the condor doesn't 
allow us to
use it on the blade ( configured  as a private network for the working 
nodes and has
a master node accessible to the outer network ).

I have two questions:
1) does the submit machines on the public network needs to have a direct 
access to the working nodes of the TORQUE or all of the communication is 
channeled through the "master" node ?
2) I have a C++/MFC window application that needs to submit the jobs to the 
Batch system, are there C/C++ libraries that I can link to them to 
communicate with the TORQUE or a tcp protocol that I can implement to do so ?

Thanks for your replies,
Roye Avidor

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