[torqueusers] Re: Persuading Maui to Run a Job

pat.o'bryant at exxonmobil.com pat.o'bryant at exxonmobil.com
Wed Mar 2 07:07:55 MST 2005

     After reading the Maui documentation on the Web, I edited my 
"maui.cfg" file that was created by "genpbs". The line I changed 
originally read -


    I changed the line to read -


    Now, Maui is working. I am sure that RMNMHOST is some kind of 
environment variable that has not been set. I guess I will root around 
until I figure out why "genpbs" did not set it.

J.W. (Pat) O'Bryant,Jr.
UTeC Systems, SWS
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Pat O'Bryant/U-Houston/ExxonMobil 

03/02/05 07:30 AM

torqueusers at supercluster.org

Persuading Maui to Run a Job

     I am new to Torque/Maui. After installing both on a Linux system and 
running "genpbs", I submitted a very simple job that displays the hostname 
where the job runs. The job remained in a "Q" state according to "qstat 
-a". After several attempts to get things going, I decided to stop the 
Maui scheduler and use the default PBS scheduler. After re-submitting my 
job to the PBS scheduler, everything ran as expected. Is there some secret 
to get Maui to select a job. One guess I had was to specify the Maui port 
number in "/etc/services" as "pbs_sched         tcp/42559".
     Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


J.W. (Pat) O'Bryant,Jr.
UTeC Systems, SWS
Office: 713-431-7022
Pager: 713-606-8338
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