[torqueusers] qstat - time use only shows up on one running job

dhansen7 at et.byu.edu dhansen7 at et.byu.edu
Wed Jun 29 14:06:07 MDT 2005

We have torque version 1.2.0p4 installed with maui on a cluster of hp-ux
machines.  All jobs seem to run fine, but only the first running job shows
its time use.  All other running jobs just show 0 for the time use, even
though many of them have been running for hours.  Does anyone have an idea
of what could be causing this?  We also have a cluster of sgi/irix
machines running the same exact versions of torque and maui, but there is
no problem with it, so could this be an HP-UX issue?  We are also having
another issue that seems to be HP-UX specific.  In the mom log the error "
pbs_mom;Svr;pbs_mom;Value too large to be stored in data type (72) in
mom_get_sample, pstat_getproc" appears every 4-5 seconds.  This doesn't
seem to be a big issue, as the jobs will still run, but if someone knows
how to fix it that would be great.  Thanks for the input.

Daniel Hansen
Assistant Unix Systems Administrator
College of Engineering and Technology
Brigham Young University

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