[torqueusers] File system "snapshot" fails when using Torque

Rick.Ingham at expeditors.com Rick.Ingham at expeditors.com
Fri Jul 29 10:55:47 MDT 2005

We have been using OpenPBS on 100+ servers (standalone systems with server,
scheduler, and mom) for many months on Sun Solaris 9 Sparc systems.  Last
week we deployed Torque 1.2.0p5 to five servers.   Since then, the file
system snapshot (snapfs) of the /usr mount point has been failing with
every daily backup.

Our PBS programs are installed in:


I have not been able to explain why the snapshot is getting wrapped around
the axle.  'lsof' shows nothing on /usr that the pbs_* daemons have open or

Any ideas?  I'm stumped.

--- Rick Ingham, Expeditors Int'l / IS
---- RICK.INGHAM at EXPEDITORS.COM  (206) 674-3400 x3284   FAX  246-3197

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