[torqueusers] torque and cpusets on ALTIX/IRIX

dhansen7 at et.byu.edu dhansen7 at et.byu.edu
Thu Jul 28 16:49:12 MDT 2005

I recently read that torque 1.2.0p5 has support for cpusets on ALTIX. 
Does this cpuset support also apply to IRIX?  I have already played with
1.2.0p5 a little to see if I could figure out a way to make it work in
IRIX with cpusets, but to no avail.  The ability to create dynamic cpusets
 with torque in IRIX would be very helpful for the setup we have here on
one of our supercomputers.  If this support is not in torque at this time,
is it planned for anytime in the near future?  Thanks for the input.

Daniel Hansen
Assistant UNIX Systems Administrator
Fulton College of Engineering and Technology
Brigham Young University

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