[torqueusers] Jobstarter

Rayson Ho raysonho at eseenet.com
Wed Jul 27 12:35:50 MDT 2005

Exporting the variable at the time of job submission is not what I want. I
want to have a script that is run before the job, and sets up the right
environment variables, and then starts the job.

AFAIK, the job is not a child of the prolog, and thus wouldn't get the
environment variables from there.


>  You should be able to use qsub's '-v' option to set specific env
>variables or use '-V' to export everything.  These variables are
>imported into the job environment before the application starts.
>Numerous context variables are also provided in the TORQUE epilog and
>prolog scripts.  Is this what you are asking or are you seeking
>something further?
>On Wed, 2005-07-27 at 07:56 -0800, Rayson Ho wrote:
>> Is there a way to set an environment variable right before a job
>> Gridengine supports this, but the customer cluster is running PBS.
>> Rayson
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