[torqueusers] New TORQUE 1.2.0p5 Release

David Jackson jacksond at clusterresources.com
Fri Jul 22 10:00:59 MDT 2005


  The 'official' patch 5 release will be rolled out on Tuesday, July 26.
It contains the following enhancements (taken from the CHANGELOG)

  added '-p' flag to qdel to enable forced job purge (USC)
  fixed server resources_available n-1 issue
  added further Altix CPUSet support (NCSA)
  added local checkpoint script support for linux
  fixed 'premature end of message warning'
  clarify job deleted mail message (SDSC)
  fixed AIX 5.3 support in configure (WestGrid)
  fixed crash when qrun issued on job with incomplete requeue
  added support for >= 4GB memory usage (GMX)
  log job execution limits failures
  added more detailed error messages for missing user shell on mom
  fixed qsub env overflow issue

  Please test the latest snapshot pre-patch5 snapshot to confirm all is
well before we release this patch.

  Work is already started on patch 6 enhancements.  Greatly improved
online documentation is also almost ready for release.  Again, a huge
thanks to the many contributions and suggestions which continue to come
in!  Please let us know what further improvements we can make.


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