[torqueusers] Setting up torque on IRIX with cpusets

dhansen7 at et.byu.edu dhansen7 at et.byu.edu
Thu Jul 14 14:08:32 MDT 2005

We have an IRIX supercomputer setup with torque/maui.  This supercomputer
is intended to run batch jobs as well as interactive jobs (i.e. students
can simply ssh into it and run jobs), so we have 2 cpusets setup for each
type of job.  In order to have the batch jobs run under the correct
cpuset, we simply run pbs_mom under that cpuset.  The only problem we have
is with the ideal/max load average in the mom config.  Since the
interactive jobs are not limited, they can drive the load average very
high.  Even though there may be very few batch jobs running on the batch
cpuset, the interactive jobs on the other cpuset drive the load average
above the max load average in the mom config, and therefore no jobs are
scheduled to run.  Is there a way to fix this other than just setting the
max load average for the mom to an unusually high level?  Furthermore,
does torque have any options or features that support IRIX cpusets? 
Thanks for the input.

Daniel Hansen
Assistant Unix Systems Administrator
Fulton College of Engineering and Technology
Brigham Young University

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