[torqueusers] qstat -f reason for waiting job

Rick.Ingham at expeditors.com Rick.Ingham at expeditors.com
Fri Jul 8 16:49:22 MDT 2005

I stand corrected.  It is there.  I'm not sure why I wasn't seeing it
before.  Sorry for the brain fart.

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On Fri, Jul 08, 2005 at 08:14:28AM -0700, Rick.Ingham at expeditors.com
> With OpenPBS, using 'qstat -f' would list an attribute line for each job,
> think it was called 'comment', that had a one line hint as to why the job
> had not been started yet.  I have not seen this in Torque.
> Is there a way in Torque to get this kind of a hint about a job and why
> has not been started yet?

The job attribute for "comment" does exist in torque, but it's up to the
scheduler to actuallly set it.

It looks like pbs_sched knows how to do this, but maui hasn't learned that
trick yet.  But if you are using maui, the details are in 'checkjob'.

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