[torqueusers] Re: TORQUE documentation re-write

Hyrum Carroll hyrum at clusterresources.com
Thu Jul 7 15:51:37 MDT 2005

To have the entire documentation rolled into a single PDF document is a 
great suggestion.  As soon as the new documentation is ready, we'll set 
a system take snapshots of it and convert it to a PDF.

Hyrum Carroll

> The one thing that would help me most is to have it available in PDF
> downloadable form.  I usually print documents like this as reference 
> and
> can navigate them much more effectively as a paper document, do text 
> search
> on the document as a whole, make notes and highlights, etc.
> Web only documentation is much more problematic, specially when it's 
> not
> all one document.
> My 2 cents worth, but with inflation the way it is ...
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