[torqueusers] Re:TORQUE documentation re-write

Hyrum Carroll hyrum at clusterresources.com
Thu Jul 7 15:33:39 MDT 2005

We are working on not only providing more in the online documentation 
about errors, but also in making the code reveal more information about 
the errors.
Thanks for the suggestion.

> Hello All,
> 	I believe that the documentation for Torque is fairly good. Its 
> written
> well and is more or less a straight forward installation. Where the
> documentation is really lacking is in trouble shooting. There needs to
> be more detail about types of errors. This should include perhaps
> clarification of error messages in the code. I think it would really
> help not only the users but the people that support Torque (the CRI
> folks really).

What features have you found that are not in the documentation?

> 	Also there are some features that seem to be in Torque that aren't
> anywhere in the documentation at all. Completely documenting these
> things would also be a big help.
> -Josh

Hyrum Carroll

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