[torqueusers] rpc/rcmd

Ryan Butler butler.ryan at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 08:46:04 MDT 2005


For my torque cluster, I can successfully submit jobs and execute
them, but when the job tries to return the .OU and .ER files to the
submitting node/server, it hangs with an 'E' in qstat, and i find
{PBS_HOME}/spool/rcperr.**** (some number).  This file contains an rcp
error.  Is this a problem with rcp?  I tried changing the ebuild
(using gentoo) by adding '--with-scp' in the torque-1.2.0_p1.ebuild
under the ./configure\, but this didn't fix the problem, because now
it get an rcmd: socket: permission denied error in the same file.  The
files won't copy over.  Is this a permissions problem?  i have
identity and public access keys set up so my user and superuser can
ssh across all nodes.


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