[torqueusers] creating groups of nodes

Ronny T. Lampert telecaadmin at uni.de
Fri Jul 1 02:48:02 MDT 2005

>>Anyone have a quick "here's how to do it" for creating groups of nodes
>>in torque.  This is without Muai, Moab, whatnot.
> node01 group01
> node02 group01
> node03 group01
> node04 group02
> node05 group02
> node06 group02
> You can then refer to group01 when submitting jobs:
>   qsub -l nodes=2:group02 (might run on node04 and node05)

However, I think it would be better to build a queue around certain nodes :)
 eg. nodes for long jobs / nodes for short shorts / ...

#> set queue <queue> resources_default.neednodes = <attribute>

So, nodes file:
node01 long
node02 long
node03 long
pc123 short
pc124 short

#> set queue long resources_default.neednodes=long
#> set queue short resources_default.neednodes=short

Et voila - jobs in submitted to queue long will only run on nodes 1-3.


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