[torqueusers] Inaccurate memory report in pbsnodes

Cristina Ururahy ururahy at tecgraf.puc-rio.br
Mon Feb 28 12:13:08 MST 2005


My computer has 6Gb (RAM + SWAP), but when I use pbsnodes, it seems to have
2G only.  (6G does not fit in 32 bits --- 6419780K - 2^32 = 2225476K)
I took a look at ./resmom/linux/mom_mach.c
and it seems that totmem is calculated as
 (ulong)(mm->mem_total + mm->swap_total) >> 10

I believe a
(ulong)((mm->mem_total >> 10) + (mm->swap_total >> 10))
would do the trick, but I wouldn't like to ask my client to fix this on his 
own... :-/
Any chances of having a patch for that? 


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