[torqueusers] Submitting Jobs on alpha-linux cluster

Nico Kadel-Garcia nkadel at comcast.net
Mon Feb 21 17:50:39 MST 2005

FC3 is working will with the most recent Torque releases? I had some problem 
with installing FC3 on the otherwise very seeet Intel blade systems last 
year, although that was compounded by my fairly cheap ex-boss deciding to 
buy the blades without memory and installing it on-site.

I'm actually working for a company that does Intel and Opteron blades: if 
you want, I can probably look around for a vendor near you who can make you 
a nice price on the old hardware and another vendor to sell you some higher 
power, lower footprint modern systems. (Modesty forbids my trying to sell my 
own company's stuff on a group like this.) 

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