[torqueusers] Submitting Jobs on alpha-linux cluster

David LeBard david.lebard at asu.edu
Thu Feb 17 23:15:22 MST 2005

Hi Torque Folks,

I am trying out torque on our alpha cluster, and I have set everything
up according to the manual, however I keep running into a problem when I
try to submit a job.  Basically, when I submit any job to the queue it
goes immediately from status "R" to status "Q", and when I call "qstat
-f", I see the following error message:

comment = Not Running - PBS Error:  MSG=send failed, STARTING

The job will stay with this status until I eventually delete it.

What could be wrong in this case?  I have made some searches on the web,
and I find that others have encountered this exact problem for other
flavors of PBS, but I see no solutions out there.  

Please help.

David LeBard

Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Arizona State University

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