[torqueusers] torque-1.2.0p1-snap.1107893767 will not compile on AIX 5.2 with XLC (and how I worked around it)

Bas van der Vlies basv at sara.nl
Wed Feb 16 04:26:23 MST 2005

First of all great to see these patches. I have tested some values

 > There's a new pbs_mom config parameter called $jobstartblocktime that
 > defines how long pbs_server will initially block while waiting for a
 > job to start.  It defaults to 5 seconds, but we'd like people to test
 > lower values like 1 or 0. The lower the value, the better pbs_server
 > should respond to client requests (like qstat) while starting up jobs.
 > If 0 doesn't cause any problems, it willbe the default in future >
 > releases.  Please test!

I have set various values for $jobstartblocktime, (0 --> 20), but i did 
not see any slow down in qstat. The load on this test system is not huge.

 > Another shaky area is with restarting pbs_mom daemons.  It should now
 > be possible to restart any daemon at any time without breaking jobs.
 > pbsdsh has been enhanced to live in this world of restarting moms.  I 
 > can already tell you that mpiexec won't deal with it properly.  I'm
 > worried about these changes effecting the recoverability of failing
 > jobs.  Please test!

Must i specify an option to pbs_mom to enable restart the jobs. like 
'-p' or must it work out of the box. I have tried it without options and
the jobs get restarted and an interactive job is killed.

With the '-p' option:
  - Interactive job will be killed
  - an job is not restarted


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