[torqueusers] strange output

Kevin Van Workum vanw at tticluster.com
Mon Feb 14 11:19:03 MST 2005

Hi all,

I get some strange output on jobs running on more than about 24 nodes. I
don't see the same weirdness if I run on all the same nodes 1 at a time.

$ qsub -I -l nodes=30
qsub: waiting for job 466.tti2 to start
qsub: job 466.tti2 ready

[user at n64]$ /usr/local/pbs/bin/pbsdsh true
6ADA8C7D282A2773FCFA816442E5607B[user at n64]$
[user at n64]$ exit

Any idea where that strange line is coming from? I'm using torque-1.1.0p4.

Kevin Van Workum, Ph.D.

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