[torqueusers] torque-1.2.0p0 & scp

guillaume.alleon guillaume.alleon at laposte.net
Tue Feb 8 11:16:07 MST 2005

I got it going back to torque-1.1.0p4 which is more talkative ...
With this version I got that the mom was not able to write to
the spool directory.

02/08/2005 18:45:15;0080;   pbs_mom;Job;66.hal;Obit sent
02/08/2005 18:45:15;0100;   pbs_mom;Req;;Type deletefiles
request received from PBS_Server at hal, sock=10
02/08/2005 18:45:15;0080;   pbs_mom;Fil;sys_copy;Executing
copy command: /usr/bin/scp -Br /var/local/torque/spool/66.hal.OU a
lleon at hal:/home/alleon/test/zaza.o66

02/08/2005 18:45:15;0080;   pbs_mom;Fil;sys_copy;can't open
/var/local/torque/spool/rcperr.15465, error = 13
02/08/2005 18:45:15;0080;   pbs_mom;Fil;sys_copy;command:
/usr/bin/scp -Br /var/local/torque/spool/66.hal.OU
alleon at hal:/home
/alleon/test/zaza.o66 status=12 (unknown copy failure), try=1
02/08/2005 18:45:15;0080;   pbs_mom;Fil;sys_copy;Executing
copy command: /opt/torque-1.1.0p4/sbin/pbs_rcp -r /var/local/torqu
e/spool/66.hal.OU alleon at hal:/home/alleon/test/zaza.o66

I am wondering why this rcperr.15465 is not created in /tmp ?
The lesson learnt is that the spool directory should be
drwxrwxrwt ; mine was drwxr-xr-t ...

Any reason for havin 1.2.0p0 so dumb ?

Thanks to all for the help.


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