[torqueusers] forcing maui to honour size=free:total filesystem definition and -l file= qsub parameter

Marcin Mogielnicki mar_mog at o2.pl
Fri Feb 4 07:04:50 MST 2005

I think maui ignores torque filesystem size and file parameter of 
jobs.First of all - torque's mom configured with size[fs=/tmpx] 
parameter exports it properly, but maui doesn't parse it, while it 
parses many other variables exported in the same way. Weird, but not too 

--- maui-3.2.6p11/src/moab/MPBSI.c      2004-12-03 21:41:24.000000000 +0100
+++ maui-3.2.6p11.modified/src/moab/MPBSI.c     2005-02-04 
14:37:34.421202143 +0100
@@ -5974,6 +5975,16 @@ int __MPBSIGetSSSStatus(
        N->CRes.Mem = (MPBSGetResKVal(Value) >> 10);
+    else if (!strcmp(Name,"size"))
+      {
+      char *ptr;
+      char *tok;
+      ptr = MUStrTok(Value,":",&tok);
+      if ((tok != NULL) && (ptr != NULL)) {
+       N->ARes.Disk = (MPBSGetResKVal(Value) >> 10);
+       N->CRes.Disk = (MPBSGetResKVal(tok) >> 10);
+       }
+      }
      else if (!strcmp(Name,"ncpus"))
        N->CRes.Procs = (int)strtol(Value,NULL,10);

As you can see it simply parses size=x:y variable and sets 
N(ode)->A(vailable)/C(onfigured)Res.Disk as free and total filesystem 
size. If parsing goes wrong, it is silently ignored and not set. After 
this patch checknode shows proper filesystem values.

Well, and now problems begin. Theoretically parsing file parameter is 
very easy:

@@ -3755,10 +3755,11 @@ int MPBSJobUpdate(
        else if (!strcmp(AP->resource,"file"))
          tmpL = (MPBSGetResKVal(AP->value) >> 10);
+       RQ->DRes.Disk = tmpL;

          if (tmpL != RQ->RequiredDisk)
-          RQ->RequiredDisk = (MPBSGetResKVal(AP->value) >> 10);
+          RQ->RequiredDisk = tmpL;
            RQ->DiskCmp      = mcmpGE;

However I'm not sure whether RQ->D(edicated)Res is task-specific or 
job-specific parameter, but I checked experimentally that it works that 
way that every node assigned to the task must have at least requested 
size of free space on every node assigned to the task and it is quite 
enough for me.

And now my standard question - are the changes not breaking anything 
else? I'd also like to ask any magician to tell me how to define disk 
space as renewable resource. When given patches are submitted and the 
job could start because of enough free tasks, but with not enough free 
disk space on chosen nodes, the job gets batchhold immediately. I have 
100 dual-processor nodes in my cluster with local 80gb disk in every of 
them and amount of free space is constantly changing, but maui assumes 
that utilized space will never be freed.

	Marcin Mogielnicki

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