[torqueusers] Torque, Maui and Debian

Steffen Moeller moeller at pzr.uni-rostock.de
Tue Feb 1 16:33:40 MST 2005


I am aware of several efforts, including my own, to create packages of
Torque and Maui for the Debian Linux distribution.

Would it be in sync with the Torque and Maui licenses to have such
packages distributed by Debian? Maybe with the explicit demand to register
online prior to the use of the software which could be made to appear
during installation?

If not through Debian, would supercluster.org be willing to offer Debian
packages themselves? Maybe even providing a repository to support easy
updates through the apt-get facility, which is one of the main points
of having the Debian packages in the first place?

Are there other suggestions out there on how to bring the Community Releases
of Torque and Maui closer to the community?

Many thanks and regards


  Steffen Moeller, PhD
  University of Rostock
  Institute of Immunology
  T: +49 381 494 5885
  F: +49 381 494 5882
  moeller at pzr.uni-rostock.de

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