[torqueusers] submit job from MS Windows system?

Steven A. DuChene linux-clusters at mindspring.com
Thu Dec 29 18:25:23 MST 2005

Thanks for all of the suggestions regarding doing this from a webgui.

Problem is the reason my users need to do this is that they have
a piece of engineering optimization software that does some pre-processing
of some data using some external Windows application and then
can fire off something like ansys to do the heavy analysis. To do this
the user or me in this case writes some automation script to accomplish
the whole optimization pipeline. Once this script works, the user of the
optimization package fires it up and it then does a whole bunch of runs to
narrow into an optimal solution. I want to be able to get the user community
running the heavy engineering analysis app through the cluster since there
are Linux cluster versions of those apps. Thus the execution of the qsub
like command must be able to be called from a script so an interactive web
session thru a GUI will not quite fit the bill.

My current plan is to install activestate's W32Perl package on the
MS Windows systems and then use a special Net::SSH::W32Perl module
to allow scriptable communication to the Linux head node where the qsub
command can actually run.

Anyone see any problems with this rough plan?

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>On Friday 30 December 2005 08:38, Bernard Li wrote:
>> How about via a Web GUI?
>A quick Google finds:
>  http://www.cs.ualberta.ca/~pinchak/PBSWeb/
>Last release was 2003, but I guess it's likely to still work.
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