[torqueusers] elapsed time and time use?

Aquarijen aquarijen at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 13:43:34 MST 2005


I think I may be missing something.  I have seen references to 1.2.0p5
having elapsed time issues, so I upgraded torque to 2.0.0p2, thinking
that I might then see something other than 00:00 for elapsed time or
00:00:00 for time use.  I did this on my test cluster and then
launched a 20 node job that runs for several hours.  It has been
running for around 6 hours now and I still do not get a > 0 value for
either column.  Is there a parameter I have not set correctly?  I'm at
a loss.  If I have missed something in the documentation, please let
me know.  Otherwise, an explanation for my users (ok, ok, ok, for me
too!) as to why this is the case, would be helpful and very much


(ORNL Institutional Cluster admin)

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