[torqueusers] stdout, stderr permissions after sys_copy

Jeffrey B. Reed jeff.reed at intrinsity.com
Thu Dec 15 08:32:42 MST 2005

Our flow requires that a project group has read access of the output of jobs. 
Currently these files are copied with the mode 0600.  The issue as I see it is:

If you are using NFS and have the appropriate $usecp set, sys_copy will use for 

/bin/cp -r TORQUE_SPOOL/spool/45.server.m.OU /nfs/location/output-file

If the destination file does not exist, /bin/cp will use the same mode as the 
source file.  In this case 0600.  This mode is forced most likely due to the 
fact that there is no guarantee that the output will be delivered and it would 
be a security risk to have it set any other way.  I experimented a little and 
the only solutions I came up with are:

1: Ignore security issues
Discover the submitter's umask and set that umask in start_exec.c

2: Use an alternate local copy command
Discover submitter's umask and use that corresponding mode to call a copy like 
application that supports modes.  For example: /usr/bin/install --mode=<mode>

I assume this is not a issue with pbs_rcp or scp, because a proper login occurs 
on the remote node prior to the copy.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this issue?



Jeffrey B. Reed
jbreed at intrinsity.com

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