[torqueusers] Upgrade torque and continue

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Wed Dec 14 16:11:55 MST 2005

On Thursday 15 December 2005 09:53, Richard Walsh wrote:

> While the current set of jobs are running 'make install' the new version.

Note that if you are using Pete Wyckoff's "mpiexec" that talks to the TM 
interface then (depending on which version of Torque you are moving from) you 
may well end up loosing those jobs as Torque didn't use to save the file 
descriptors for those jobs (IIRC).

Garrick posted his method of doing rolling upgrades previously, see the 
archived version here:


He says:

  Don't restart MOMs on hosts that have running jobs.

You have been warned!

good luck!
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