[torqueusers] multinode jobs

Austin Godber godber at mars.asu.edu
Wed Dec 14 15:40:10 MST 2005

I am trying to submit some multinode jobs:
	qsub -l nodes=2:ppn=2 test.pbs
	qsub -l nodes=2 test.pbs
I get:
	qsub: Job rejected by all possible destinations
Or if I specify any of my queues, I get:
	qsub: Job exceeds queue resource limits

All of my nodes are dual athlons or opterons and defined in the "nodes"
file as follows:
	c001:ts np=2 linux-ath32 32bit

Most of my queues look something like this:
	create queue low-a
	set queue low-a queue_type = Execution
	set queue low-a Priority = 250
	set queue low-a max_running = 100
	set queue low-a resources_default.neednodes = linux-ath32
	set queue low-a acl_group_enable = True
	set queue low-a acl_groups = -ecu
	set queue low-a acl_groups += +
	set queue low-a enabled = True
	set queue low-a started = True

Is there some default queue paramater that I need to fix to allow jobs
to be submitted to multiple nodes?

I use Maui as my scheduler and the only queue realted constraints I make
are "MAXPROCS = 30,50" (the soft and hard limits vary a little).



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