[torqueusers] Upgrade torque and continue

David Golden dgolden at cp.dias.ie
Wed Dec 14 07:44:56 MST 2005

> Also, how to reset the job id numbering?

I don't know how to except by brute force wiping-reinitialising
- but I have wondered for a while do they  grow indefinitely or hit
some limit and loop? Out-of-box, C lacks true bignums, so 
there's very likely an arbitrary limit somewhere, but
maybe it's 32- or 64- bit, which we're fairly unlikely to hit...

(We're currently at 14218, so we _are_ therefore just about coming into
ranges where problems occasionally begin to occur with some software, 
particularly old stuff in C (the ol' (2^N)-1; 16383, 32767,

I know people run torque on far larger clusters than ours, of course, but 
for all I know everyone just reinits often enough it's not an issue.

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