[torqueusers] maui-3.2.6p13 - Configuring Generic Consumable Floating Resources Patch

Jeffrey B. Reed jeff.reed at intrinsity.com
Mon Dec 12 15:15:31 MST 2005

I have also sent this to mauiusers group, but I thought it might be helpful to 
others that are trying to use Generic Consumable Floating Resources.

Configuring maui-3.2.6p13 and torque-2.0.0p2 to enable Generic Consumable
Floating Resources, I came across a bug that caused maui to segfault.



This defines a psuedo-node named GLOBAL.  You can actually view the node using:

% checknode GLOBAL
checking node GLOBAL

State:      Idle  (in current state for 00:56:15)
Configured Resources: verilog: 1
Utilized   Resources: [NONE]
Dedicated  Resources: [NONE]
Opsys:        [NONE]  Arch:      [NONE]
Speed:      0.00  Load:       0.000
Features:   [NONE]
Classes:    [NONE]

NOTE:  no reservations on node

Using the -l construct of torque/pbs qsub command you can submit a job
requesting this floating resource:

% qsub -l software=verilog job.sh

However, this caused maui to core dump!  In locating the cause of the
segmentation fault, I discovered that the psuedo-node GLOBAL is created without
a valid DM value.  I corrected this by checking for a valid DM value prior to
accessing the DM->Type field.

Patch is enclosed.



Jeffrey B. Reed
jbreed at intrinsity.com

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--- maui-3.2.6p13.orig/src/moab/MJob.c	2005-05-05 17:03:06.000000000 -0500
+++ maui-3.2.6p13/src/moab/MJob.c	2005-12-12 14:59:16.000000000 -0600
@@ -9708,7 +9708,7 @@
-    if (N->RM->Type == mrmtLL)
+    if (N->RM && N->RM->Type == mrmtLL)
       if (RQ->NodeCount > 0)

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