[torqueusers] torque/maui issue?

John Hayden jhayden at genetics.med.harvard.edu
Wed Dec 7 12:01:28 MST 2005

Hi everyone,

	I have a problem where I am submitting a job that should run on 1  
cpu and it seems to run on all available cpus. Here is the pbs script  
I am submitting:

> #!/bin/sh
> #PBS -l ncpus=1
> #PBS -N FooBar
> echo "About to sleep"
> sleep 30
> echo "Back from my nap"

	As you can see very simple and I even explicitly ask for 1 cpu. In  
looking through the Maui logs, I came across the following messages:

> 12/05 10:29:52 MQueueScheduleIJobs(Q,DEFAULT)
> 12/05 10:29:52 INFO:     21 feasible tasks found for job 31:0 in  
> partition DEFAULT (16 Needed)
> 12/05 10:29:52 INFO:     tasks located for job 31:  16 of 16  
> required (19 feasible)

	Can anyone tell me where or how Maui determines the number of  
feasible tasks. Its probably a configuration issue but I can't figure  
out what I have done wrong.

     John Hayden
     Systems Administrator
     Brigham & Women's Hospital - Genetics Division
     77 Avenue Louis Pasteur
     Boston, MA 02115

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