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Mike Poublon michael.poublon at hope.edu
Wed Dec 7 10:46:17 MST 2005

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Subject: HUGE log file created
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If a node isn't listed in the server_priv/nodes file the server won't accept 
the node, leading to excessively large log files (2 gigs) and pbs_server 
crashing. I can duplicate the problem reliably. The large logs are created by 
mom on the node trying to check in with the server many times per second 
(1300+ on the machine I ran into this on).

Shouldn't there be a delay between connection attemps? I looked at the code in 
the src/resmom directory but am not familiar with how things work.

I know there is an easy solution to this (list all the nodes in the nodes 
file), but shouldn't mom be a little more robust?

Thanks for any input on this

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