[torqueusers] scheduling on CPU usage

Lloyd Brown somewhere_or_other at byu.edu
Tue Dec 6 11:03:25 MST 2005

Admittedly, I'm pretty new to the Torque admin world, but is there a 
simple way schedule jobs to a node based on the CPU usage?  I've found 
the "$ideal_load" and "$max_load" parameters for the MOM, but, unless 
I'm mistaken, these appear to refer to the load average, not the CPU 
usage.  Load Average and CPU usage are often related, but not always.

Just for background, I'm working on a project that needs to schedule 
jobs whose length (walltime, etc.) varies widely, but will very often be 
a fraction of a second.  We still want to get as much utilization out of 
the compute nodes as possible, but are finding that there's a lot of 
unused cycles since the jobs are so short in relation to the apparent 
timing resolution.  If anyone has any other ideas for scheduling large 
numbers of extremely short jobs, I'd listen to those too.

Lloyd Brown

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