[torqueusers] Torque on HPUX (any flavor)

Lippert, Kenneth B. Kenneth.Lippert at alcoa.com
Tue Dec 6 15:49:08 MST 2005


First of all, Kenn please, "Kenneth" yuck.  I expect people to ask me
what the frequency is.

I have my config file set up with the server as fully qualified (we have
some disparate network loops around here, and fully qualified is always

So it looks like:
$pbsserver  myserver.blah.blah.com
$ideal_load 4
$max_load  8
$logevent 255
$restricted *.blah.blah.com

Maybe I should try without the "restricted"?

The trust issue is more interesting.  They definitely do NOT trust each
other.  Security admins frown greatly upon trusting machines.

I did do ssh from the client to the server both as root and a non-root
user to be sure that the .ssh_knownhosts file was populated.  If I do a
pbs_nodes on the server, it sees the client and reports its stats
correctly, so something is getting through.

Thanks for the quick response.


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How do you have your config file set up?  I am also curious if the hp
and the linux box trust each other via /etc/hosts.allow or
/etc/hosts.equiv.  It looks like the problem is what kind of login
method you are allowing between the two machines (trust relationship


On Tue, 2005-12-06 at 13:59, Lippert, Kenneth B. wrote:
> So does ANYONE have a successful HPUX installation of Torque, just as
> client node even?  If not, I am royally screwed.
> Perhaps this problem (pbs_iff cannot authenticate user) would not
> if my server were also HPUX (as opposed to linux).  I guess I will try
> that next.
> -k
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