[torqueusers] qstat showing wrong

Ronny T. Lampert telecaadmin at uni.de
Sat Aug 27 05:24:27 MDT 2005

>>The problem is figuring out the correct value for Hertz.  According to
>>docs, it is entirely system-dependant, but seems to always be 100.
> Nope, on itaniums it is 1024.  Take a look at the procps sourcecode, where 
> they list the values for a lot of archs.

Userspace(!) HZ should be always 100 (unless you change it on your own),
Kernelspace HZ may vary (used to be 100 on all except alpha).
2.6 made it 1000 and 2.6.13 will have it configurable with standard 200 (250?).
Using sysconf() is definately the safest choice, and the right way(TM).


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