[torqueusers] Maui and torque

Chris Johnson johnson at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Thu Aug 25 08:54:09 MDT 2005


     So, giving up on the out-of-the-box torque C sheduler and looking
at maui.  So far it seems to be doing everything expected of it
out-of-its-own-box on my massive yet itty bitty 4 node test cluster of
dual opterons.  I just replaced the pbs_sched with maui and away it
went.  Cool!

     However, while I was reading the install docs I came across
something the lead me to believe there might be a problem with mixxed
clusters.  On reflection it doesn't make much sense.  But I thought
I'd ask to make sure.

     I built and am testing maui on 64 bit opertons.  But my whole
cluster is a mix of AMDs, P4s, Xeons and Opterons.  Is maui going to
have any trouble running a mixed architecture cluster like this?  If I
run maui on a Xeon will it talk to and use the Opertons or the other
way 'round?  Like I said, if this was a problem maui wouldn't be a
very useful solution.  But the way the docs were written it was a tad
ambiguous to me.  

     So question: if I run maui on a 32 bit master node will it do the right
thing with 64 bit execution nodes or the reverse combination?

     Thank you.

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