[torqueusers] 64 bit issues.

Roy Dragseth Roy.Dragseth at cc.uit.no
Thu Aug 25 00:19:39 MDT 2005


Is it really correct that pbs_net_t is unsigned long as it is declared in 
net_connect.h?  Shouldn't it rather be u_int32?  An ip adress will never be 
more than 4 bytes, at least for ipv4.

This doesn't matter for 32bit systems where long and ints are the same length, 
but for 64bit systems longs can be 64bit and you can get all sorts of 
problems.  I think we see this problem on our Itanium systems where we get a 
lot of im_eofs in the logs.  It might also creep into EMT64 and x86_64 
systems if you compile torque as a 64bit application.

It will be a major job to clean up all this as pbs_net_t is used a lot of 
places.  But as 64bit systems are becoming the standard it probably needs to 

Any thoughts?



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