[torqueusers] pbs_sched error

Onur Destanoğlu odestanoglu at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 06:54:55 MDT 2005

 Hi all, 

i am using  torque1.2.0p5 and i have a little problem with pbs_sched :)

i configure the schedulers config file as fallows;

$clienthost     bee00

round_robin: False      all

by_queue: False         prime
by_queue: False         non_prime

strict_fifo: True       ALL

fair_share: false       ALL

help_starving_jobs      true    ALL

sort_queues     false   ALL

load_balancing: false   ALL

sort_by: multi_sort     ALL
key:     shortest_job_first
key:     smallest_memory_first
key:     high_priority_first

log_filter: 256

dedicated_prefix: ded

max_starve: 12:00:00

half_life: 24:00:00

unknown_shares: 10

sync_time: 1:00:00

when i start the program it welcomes me with this eror;

[root at bee00 ~]# pbs_sched 
pbs_sched: addclient, host localhost not found

so, what you suggest me to do???

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