[torqueusers] Job names starting with a numeric character

Ronny T. Lampert telecaadmin at uni.de
Wed Aug 10 07:30:58 MDT 2005

> to change the default log file name to something like "33sleep.o<jobId>"
> using the qsub -N flag, but I get this error:
> qsub: illegal -N value
> The man page for qsub says that the job name must begin with an
> alphabetic, but it seems to have no problems when the default name

You may patch the source for yourself:

torque/cmds/qsub.c, function process_opts(), around line 2146 (below the
case 'N').
Change the arg "1" to check_job_name() to "0".

Alternatively patch the checking function directly:
torque/src/lib/Libcmds/ck_job_name.c, function check_job_name().
It is the isalpha() call.

ALL: Maybe we should kill this limitation in next releases - what do you think?


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