[torqueusers] can we install torque on Rock cluster

isha vishnoi isha.v at rediffmail.com
Wed Aug 10 01:01:01 MDT 2005


hi Chris Samuel 

thanx 4 ur support .But I want to install torque not its roll on Rock

On Thu, 04 Aug 2005 Chris Samuel wrote :
>On Sat, 30 Jul 2005 04:50 pm, isha vishnoi wrote:
> > Can we install Torque on Rock Cluster .Is it worthy??
> > Plz do reply
>There is a Torque/Maui roll for Rocks maintained by Roy Dragseth at the
>University of Tromsø.
>Home page is:
>  http://uit.no/itavd/HPC-Rocks-PBS-Roll/
>I believe that Rocks Rolls need to be loaded at install time, so if you want
>to retrofit it then you'll be able to compile it from source as you would on
>a normal cluster.
>Rocks is not in my good books at the moment as it has the undocumented
>"feature" of nuking all partition tables on any disks it can get its grubby
>hands onto *BEFORE* asking you what you want to do with your (now blank)
>partitions. Not even Windows does that (in my experience).
>Thankfully gpart exists, otherwise I would be even more annoyed than I am now
>Rocks v4 is based on Centos 4 which itself is a rebuild of Redhat EL 4 (which
>still doesn't have XFS enabled in its kernels, mumble mumble..)
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