[torqueusers] Job names starting with a numeric character

Marc Langlois marc at keyseismic.com
Mon Aug 8 16:13:11 MDT 2005

If I submit a job file named "33sleep.sh" everything seems to work
correctly, and the job log file is named "33sleep.sh.o<jobId>. I'd like
to change the default log file name to something like "33sleep.o<jobId>"
using the qsub -N flag, but I get this error:

qsub -N 33sleep 33sleep.sh
qsub: illegal -N value

The man page for qsub says that the job name must begin with an
alphabetic, but it seems to have no problems when the default name
starts with a numeric. Is there any reason for the restriction that job
names specified with "qsub -N <name>" begin with an alphabetic

We're using torque-1.2.0p5.


Marc Langlois
Key Seismic Solutions Ltd., Calgary, AB, Canada.
marc at keyseismic dot com

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